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Peter Dolving

Peter Dolving

Growing up? Growing stronger? Who knows what people strive for, right? Peter Dolving never made a secret of what he strives for; he wants to create. Build to inspire. Build to provoke. His motto “Subvert, Educate, Overthrow” is one to live by. Where most are broken by disillusion, financial hardship and madness Peter Dolving just got back up and kept going.

It’s funny you know, how most kids get into playing music and they get all swept away by how they want to be perceived, right? Well I never figured out what all that was about. I liked music. All kinds of music. To me a good song was a good song. So I wasn’t going let myself be limited by “genre”. With computers, all these fuckers started making all kinds of “new” music. Sure, it sounded like the real thing, but what about the content? Me? I’m a redneck musician, with the heart and soul of a anarchist insurgent. I never figured out how any of it worked. Shit, I could never even afford a computer! All I had was a fistful of broken dreams, a pawnshop guitar, and very good friends. I figured, “Fuck it!” I’ll just start from where it all begins, a good song…

It’s no wonder Peter Dolving had a hard time finding a place in the music industry, inhabited mostly by cynical suits and kids with a business degree looking for a quick in-and-out cash withdrawal. Not that it stopped him, today Peter Dolving is one of the most well-respected metal/HC frontmen in the world. We at Suicide Records together with Peter Dolving are hoping that you will find his musical adventures inspiring. Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!


Peter Dolving – vocals, guitar.
Johan Reivén – drums, bass, guitars
Petter Eriksson – bass
Money Andreasson – guitars, vocals
Bjarne “Sugar Ray” Karlsson – piano, organ
Peter Asp – drums

Just Cause You Can Talk, Don’t Mean I Have To Listen