Suicide Zero Project

In the Loving Memory of You – cover art by Error! Design

Every six hours, someone commits suicide in Sweden. That means four people voluntarily end their lives every day, and that’s not counting drug overdoses or “accidents”. In response to this, Gothenburg-based record label Suicide Records is releasing the compilation album In the Loving Memory of You” on September 10th.

The album features 16 bands with brand new songs, and all proceeds from this album will go to Suicide Zero, a Swedish non-profit organization that has been working towards a society without suicides since 2013. In addition to the bands, several partners and sponsors have contributed to funding the project, so that as much money as possible can go directly to Suicide Zero.

Behind the project is Suicide Records founder Roger Andersson, who himself has a history of substance abuse and mental health issues.

After three incredibly tragic deaths among my close ones, there is no other path to take. I simply MUST do this. The album touches upon emotions such as anger, grief, frustration, despair, and powerlessness in the face of the fact that someone close to you chooses to end their life, as the final and only way out of the darkness. Suicide Zero works hard and purposefully so that none of us have to experience this, and therefore I hope that we can raise a substantial amount for their important work.

In the loving memory of you

The compilation album will feature 16 brand new songs by the following bands: Grand Cadaver, Skitsystem, Knivad, Demonic Death Judge (Finland), M:40, Downfall Of Gaia (Germany), The Moth Gatherer, Fredag den 13:e, Besvärjelsen, Novarupta, Fabian Brusk Jahn, Rainbird, Ulmus (Spain), Division of Laura Lee, GUHTS (USA), and Firebreather. Worth noting in this esteemed company are the punk icons Skitsystem, who, with their participation on the album, will be releasing their first new song in a staggering 18 years!

When we were approached to contribute to this compilation album, it was a no-brainer to say yes. Even though I am fortunate to be spared from personal experiences regarding this issue, every suicide is a tragedy for society. No one should have to experience such emptiness that they see no other way out. Music is like therapy for many people, and by contributing with what we do best, we hope to help raise as much money as possible for Suicide Zero. They always have someone who is ready to listen if you need support.

To achieve a uniform and massive soundscape, renowned Johan Reivén at Audiolord Mastering in Gothenburg will take care of the mastering. If you recognize Johan’s name, it’s likely because he is the drummer in LOK, and since 2023, he’s also the stand-in drummer in Hardcore Superstar.

The album cover was incredibly important for the overall concept, as it is intended to respectfully reflect the emotions that arise when someone close chooses to end their life. To the great joy of everyone involved, none other than Error! Design in Barcelona agreed to do all the artwork, which is really big in the rock community. Error! Design are known for their detailed album covers, posters, and designs for iconic bands such as Metallica and Mastodon. The beautiful work on the cover of In the Loving Memory of You was truly a bullseye.

In addition to Audiolord Mastering and Error! Design, the following companies contribute and sponsor the project through their services: Vinyl Plant in Estonia handles the physical record pressing, Republic 66 and German Metal Blade Records manage all PR work, Hårt Tryck produces a limited edition T-shirt to be sold for the purpose, and Danmark Music Group assists with digital distribution. Additionally, there have been private donations, but these donors wish to remain anonymous

The album In the Loving Memory of You will be available for purchase as a double vinyl and sold exclusively through as well as Suicide Records’ own Bandcamp.

Background and history

Roger Andersson, founder of Suicide Records and initiator of the project, was born in 1975. Despite a happy childhood and good parents, he felt an early attraction to everything that was a bit dangerous. Roger was simply a natural thrill-seeker and therefore discovered alcohol and drugs early in life. What started as fun and exciting quickly spiraled into a rampant addiction. Beer and weed were soon old news, and Roger experimented with every drug he could get his hands on, often combined with large amounts of alcohol.

In his twenties, Roger was what many would call a full-blown junkie, living day by day in pursuit of drugs and new thrills. Eventually, it all became too much, and he attempted to take his own life to escape his demons. Thankfully, the attempt failed and instead became an awakening from the fog Roger had been living in for many years.

In 1997, the decision was made – it was time to get sober and drug-free. So, a successful treatment was initiated, and today marks 27 years since Roger last consumed any illegal substances.

In 1998, Roger moved to Gothenburg and music became his new addiction. He quickly became part of the city’s music scene, making a name for himself as a highly driven and enthusiastic figure in the industry. In 2006, he took the plunge and realized one of his long-held dreams – Roger founded the record label Suicide Records, determined to only release music he himself was willing to pay to listen to. He still lives by this philosophy to this day, and to date, the label has been behind over a hundred releases. Furthermore, in less than two years, Suicide Records will celebrate its 20th anniversary! Talk about a turning point in life and, not least, a living testament to the fact that it is NEVER too late to change.

In December 2022, Roger unfortunately experienced a tragic suicide in a family close to him, which hit him hard. As if this weren’t enough, another person in Roger’s own family chose the same path in April 2023. Marked and saddened by these two tragedies, when one of Roger’s close friends died of a drug overdose just a few months later, it became almost impossible for him to comprehend. In this unfathomable sorrow, Roger decided to actively work against mental illness and suicide for the rest of his life. Turning to his network and friends in the music industry to create something that could contribute to helping others, became a form of therapy for Roger.

As he describes it himself: “After three incredibly tragic deaths among my close ones, there is no other path to take. I simply MUST do this.”

Roger Andersson
Founder of Suicide Records and initiator of the project

Suicide Zero Tee

Special reworked T-shirt print for this project. Gildan Heavy Cotton.

All profit donates to Suicide Zero, a Swedish non-profit organization that has been working towards a society without suicides since 2013.


Suicide Zero Poster

Special reworked artwork on screen printed poster 50x70cm. Limited 50 copies.

All profit donates to Suicide Zero, a Swedish non-profit organization that has been working towards a society without suicides since 2013.