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Industrial Puke

Industrial Puke

Mid 2017, with fresh memories of previous musical trials and tribulations, Jens Ekelin (Rentokiller) called out for comrades sharing a love for Disrupt to start a new band. Swiftly Linus Jägerskog (Burst) and Marko Partanen (Rentokiller) both roared out a non-hesitant YES! and off Industrial Puke went.

The idea from the get-go was to hone in on straightforward violent songs. No crafting of a grandiose atmosphere or image, nor simply regurgitating something already done better. Industrial Puke is the mincing down of everything great about crust, death metal and hardcore in direct song structures with clear-cut riffs and to-the-point lyrics of failues of the self and humans in general.

Following a long period of writing music and finding members, along with choosing an MO, it became clear that the songs could not be limited to one specific sound. With Mattias Rasmusson (Obstruktion/Blessings/Gust) and Erik Harald (Rentokiller) joining the ranks, so became Swedish Death Metal and hardcore prominent ingredients.

Ten songs were mutually decided on and eventually recorded to become the forthcoming album “Born into the Twisting Rope”. After the band themselves released the debut single and video “Mental Taxation” in june 2022, Gothenburg-based Suicide Records offered to work with Industrial Puke. The partnership begins with the release of the debut EP “Where Life Crisis Starts” in September 2022 with a planned release for the debut album in late spring 2023.


Linus Jägerskog - vocals
Mattias Rasmusson - drums
Marko Partanen - guitar
Erik Harald - bass
Jens Ekelin - guitar, vocals

Born Into The Twisting Rope
Where Life Crisis Starts