#Black metal

From the vast and old forests of western dalecarlia sweden Hilning (which means sudden stormwind/hail/rain/snow/wind) emerged out of various soloprojects such as naked engine, altaret and the still going nox.ra. Hilning is the pagan spiritual black metal vein of Andreas Baier.

Hilning is about evoking the old finnground spirits of the mountains and valleys in the north western part of dalecarlia. In maintaining the spirit of the old folkmusic traditions and sorcery from the area Hilning carves out it’s own rune in the old log of swedish and norwegian style of metal. With deep roots in fast punk and heavy metal and with the atmospherics of old school death and black metal, Hilning provides a haven for those who seek solace on the dark mosscovered floor of the taigabelt and take the unhuman path less traveled.

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