Suicide Records

Ett dödens maskineri

An empathic knockout! With their melodic yet raw punk approach ETT DÖDENS MASKINERI unmasks the disowned and twisted social climate we live under today. Humans and their value being sacrificed for constant and relentless economic growth. Right wing rhetoric getting traction in our everyday life. The dismantling of the welfare system and the pillars of our society. The idealization of individual and personal success at the expense of the collective and fair distribution of wealth. Demagogues
that incite and taunts, authoritarian men that take the place as the new alpha leaders of humanity. Religious fanaticism, anti-feminism and the war against women and the LGBT community. Nationalism, populism and the love for walls and fences meant to hindre people who are fleeing for their lives. The constantly present everyday-racism brewing under the surface. Simplified and stupified – Orwellian Newspeak and Doublethink.

The EP Sveriges Humanitära Ruiner was born out of a sense of loss and an underlying frustration. It’s a wish to tear down, re-build and create a more humane, equal and inclusive society. The lyricism will not hand you a sugar coated and cosy consensus but rather knuckled fists, bruises and a huge dose of the resentment we feel against the society of today.

In the music you can clearly hear inspiration from classic Swedish crust-punk bands such as Skitsystem, Disfear, Anti-cimex mixed together with tones of more melodic punk such as Asta Kask and Strebers.

Sorrow and despair, all in a brutal and filthy 5 track dystopian package in minor key.


Daniel Garpebring – Guitars and vocals
Aidin Razavi – Guitars
Erik Öyen – Bass
Andreas Thunmarker – Drums

Det svenska hatet
Sveriges humanitära ruiner