#Progressive metal

Change is often painful. Since the release of their critically acclaimed debut Anhedonia, Finnish progressive post-metal band Besra has been looking for ways to shed their skin.

Born from the vision of guitarist Johannes Nygård (Callisto), the group’s music has always defied easy categorisation. Now, after a long writing and recording process, they’re ready to unleash their bold second album with Suicide Records – a work that solidifies their status as an inventive and original voice.

“Besra marry the elasticity of Burst with the ter-riff-icness of Pelican, the battering acrimony of Cult of Luna, and the dreamier pastures of Isis the band, resulting in progressive, forward thinking metal guaranteed to knock you on your ass!”

“Showing some of the discordant direction seen in Amenra with the epic fury of Neurosis, moving into the light and shade with dramatic effect. It’s muscular, emotional and just plain excellent.” Revolver Magazine

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