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RELEASE DATE: November 6, 2020
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Nine Of Swords
Gazing Into The Eye Of The Serpent

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Linear notes

The first song “Nine Of Swords” takes its name from the tarot card that usually represents being plagued by fear, guilt, doubt, and worries that are to a large extent, unfounded. All common feelings in the modern world and a lot of these can arise or be attributed to depression.

The second song “Rakshasa” comes from Indian mythology. They were demons that ate flesh and were also known as man-eaters. The word Rakshasa comes from the hindu creator god Brahma calling for help as it was being devoured by these demons (Rakshama!) and then the demons being cast to earth. These mythological elements play a role in the song as the demons’ constant hunger and bloodlust sounds very similar to humanity’s endless consumption in this world.

The final song “Gazing Into The Eye Of The Serpent” is about transformation. As the snake symbolises creation and fertility it also represents in western religious facilities lies, vengefulness and vindictiveness but also in some cases salvation. So the song follows a theme of being a witness to a transformation of the spirit because within the serpent lies many a face good and bad, venom and medicine.

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