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Surut - Unelma


RELEASE DATE: December 8, 2023
CAT#: SR106

Nyt Olet Kaunis
Tragedia I
Tragedia II
Pakotan Hymysi Kasvoilleni
Antaa Pilvien Vyöryä

Available formats

12” vinyl (250 pcs: 100 green, 100 yellow, 50 black)

Linear notes

“Unelma” delves as a whole into the dark and destructive side of the human being, which leads us to act in harmful ways towards ourselves or other people. Through “Unelma,” we aim to explore on a personal level the hidden and shameful aspects of ourselves, as well as bring to light the damaging thought and behavior patterns associated with it that have hurt ourselves or those around us. The goal was to confront the inner world and the inherent ugliness within it, which requires a kind of shedding of masks and breaking down the constructed outer shell or “dream self.” The end result is a dark and aggressive, yet at the same time, a very beautiful and intimate whole. Inner apparent ugliness often reveals itself to be much more complex at its core, and confronting it enables learning, forgiveness, and liberation.

Mastered at All Silk Mastering House/Ed Hall
Produced and mixed by Oula Maarainen
Cover artwork by Ville-Pekka Valtonen

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