Suicide Records
Child - Shitegeist


RELEASE DATE: March 29, 2024
CAT#: SR107

Mass Crowning
Tin Foil Party People
Time Island
I Will Refuse (feat. David Sandström)
Golden Chasms
Creative Inventions Of Killing
Shame, Smite, Subside
Glowing Kids
Welfare Collapse (feat. Fredrik Wallenberg)

Available formats

12” gatefold vinyl (300 pcs: orange and black swirl )

Linear notes

“We are heading fast into the new dark ages. Man-made destruction of society, of eco systems, of the world as we know it. We ignore all warnings, as long as we can grow our wealth. The world leaders create chasms in society. Terror, hatred, war is the result of their polarisation. We are heading fast for annihilation… And maybe that’s for the best. Everything sucks. Everything’s fucked.”

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