Suicide Records

Arbetets sorgemusik del II

RELEASE DATE: September 9, 2019
CAT#: SR058

Klåda, hosta och skit
Arbetets hierarki
Tack och hej

Available formats

7″ vinyl och Digital

Linear notes

Slutavverkning is back with part two in the planned trilogy about the hardships of work. Now even more angry.

Slutavverkning plays punk jazz in the vein of bands like Nomeansno and Pissed jeans but with Swedish lyrics.

Part 2 of Arbetets sorgemusik is a fantastic continuation of part one. This time, subjects such as work environment, wellness, proletariat versus capital are dissected, and we also meet a person who has totally lost it. Slutavverkning is the new proletarian literature. It is music for the underpaid nurse who lives with daily pain and it is music for the bored official who has computer problems. And it’s music for everyone else.

With baritone saxophone, drums, undistorted guitars and desperate screams as the main weapon, Slutavverkning offers just over eight minutes of uncompromising punk where life, work and death are at the center.

Pelle Andersson – Guitar (Christian Kjellvander, Ballroom band etc.)
Marcus Källström – Drums (Fatboy, Nisse Hellberg ertc.)
Per ‘Texas’ Johansson – Baritone saxophone (JH3, Fire! Orchestra etc.)
Jon Ekström – Vocals (Dödsvarg)

Mixed by Pelle Andersson, except drums mixed by Marcus Källström
Mastered by Rickard Monzén.
Text and melody Jon Ekström
Music Pelle Andersson