Jon Ekström has created an ingenious monster in Dödsvarg (Death Wolf). The world of Dödsvarg is dominated by insanity and madness. It’s punk, bombastic, rough and cold. It’s new, while the music sometimes feels ancient. The record label describes the music as a mix of Meshuggah and Skitsystem. “Livet Är En Dödsorsak” (Life Is A Cause of Death) is released digitally by Suicide Records on July 8th.

Jon has previously been very successful with, the now defunct, band Detektivbyrån. Swedish grammy nominations, music to the Hollywood movie ”Tenure”, and a third place on the Swedish album charts to name a few. With Dödsvarg Jon is all about getting back to the roots. With the help of an old guitar with only four strings, a more or less worn out sound card, a broken laptop Jon has created what best can be described as 12 wayward songs. Dödsvarg is working with whining noises and growls. On Livet Är En Dödsorsak ,we have the pleasure to meet, among others, some of Ingmar Bergman’s old demons, a big dog and a man who hates Sweden.

On July the 8th Suicide Records let the wolf loose. The wolf is hungry and not afraid to devour anything that may come in its path.


Jon Ekström – guitar, programming, vocals



Dödsvarg - Eld

2016 • CAT# SR030

Dödsvarg - Glädjedödaren

2014 • CAT# SR024

Dödsvarg - Slaget om alltings jävighet

2014 • CAT# SR020

Dödsvarg - Människan, en ruttnande process

2014 • CAT# SR018

Dödsvarg - Om det där med omänskliga relationer

2013 • CAT# SR012

Dödsvarg - Total System Collapse. Fuck!

2012 • CAT# SR011

Dödsvarg - Livet är en dödsorsak

2011 • CAT# SR010